Difference LLC

Transforming conflict into learning and growth.

Our Services

From meeting facilitation to mediation to conflict coaching and system design, we offer a wide array of options to meet your needs.  Throughout our work, we invite rigorous and efficient dialogue for co-creation of knowledge and learning.  We will match our services to fit your group's culture and needs and help you transform conflict into learning and growth.

Whether you are an individual, small group, or large organization conflict is a part of your life.  The ways you are able to raise concerns, make decisions, and maintain relationships throughout your efforts can make or break even the best ideas.  Your needs are unique.  We will take the time to understand them and design a process that will work for you.   

Your Needs

Conflict is a remarkable beast.  In the best of times, it leads to positive transformation and growth.  In the worst of times, it sucks up our time and energy and distracts us from the things that are truly important to us.   What is it that makes this difference?  How can we harness the best of our differences without letting them get the best of us?  Learning Through Difference mediation and facilitation can help!